The Iguana Monologues–Vol.1.

In this first edition of “The Iguana Monologues”–I would like to speak-briefly–about living as a “very right brain/heart centred “–male in the kind of -“very left brain-linear”–very “Of the head”–male-dominated society–that we are in.
It’s not an easy task–as the inhabitants of our society–are–for the most part–very narrow-minded/and closed-minded—–They  are not for(generally-speaking)–any kind of “flow”–or any kind of “wholeness”–and think  in much more primitive ways–and by that –I mean they are-“strongly conditioned”–to believe that  living in this world–is about adhering to very rigid ideas about someone else’s “rules”–and other people’s rigid ideas about”old fashioned codes of conduct”.
I am here–in this first edition of TIM–to say that–from where I sit–a person’s own “divinity”–is what needs to govern -their life–“The Truth of one’s own being”–if you will.
Whether I am considered “o.k.”–by unconscious -males/ or females–in this very narrow – thinking(and highly-intolerant–I might add)–low-vibration society–is not my concern.
Being true to “One’s own self”–and the wholeness/ and the “inner-goodies”–one experiences “On the inside”–for standing solidly by oneself–are all that are needed–in my estimation.
It’s not an easy task–though–as those we traverse this life among–will take strong opposition to these kinds of sentiments–they’ll argue with you–they’ll tell you you’re not “logical”–and that you’re “unadultlike”.
They’ll tell you a man’s got to be “rigid/and in control”—and that a man’s mannerisms must be made to look always-“even”–on the outside–even if that means living in attachment/and separation.
Whether a person’s living in a condition of “wholeness”–or a condition of “separation”–are not really issues that would come up–in this society–anyway–of course.
Most people in this society are “ego-centric”–and I’m not suggesting that’s anyone’s fault–as every soul is where it could “only possibly be”–in it’s consciousness development/ and consciousness journey.
It’s when they start to get heavy-handed and “dictatorial”–about what a man will be/and how a man will be–in this culture/and society—“OR THE HIGHWAY”–that I start to object.
Yes–it’s a hard road for a man to walk-“The road less traveled”–in this culture–probably slightly harder than for a woman–as women are permitted to “feel their feelings”–if even slightly more-than a man–in this society.
You’re not supposed to “FEEL”–very much–to be a man in this society–are you? Shakti Gawain–used to make mention of this –in some of her teachings.
And –it’s even harder for some men–such as yours truly–those of us who have lost our credibility in major-areas–earlier in life.
It  has made it easy for those who haven’t liked our devotion to our spiritual-connection/ spirituality—-to easily have us “set up”-and “railroaded”–and “put away”–over and over and over again.
That is really branching out into another topic–for another day—-The kinds of predjudices that are still “accepted predjudices”–(I like to call them)–in modern-day society—in modern-day developed countries–here in North America.
That–once a person loses their credibility in a major-area–like that of mental-health–and has one legitimate–certification/ or hospital-admission–they really can become “QUITE”–a “Lame Duck”–and their lives really can be torn-apart/–even if they never have another such psychiatric-issue.
Especially if a person happens to be–“for whatever predjudicial reasons”–just not that well liked.
When living in this society gets reduced to a “popularity contest”–like that–that’s when I really start to object.
But–that is a broad topic–as is “Predjudice”–in general–so I will save that for another edition of the “Iguana Monologues”–or perhaps feature it in a special “Iguana Chronicles”–segment.
For now–it’s important –as it always is–for each of us who are on this path/ or beginning on this path–to remember–that every one of our experiences/ and circumstances–really are–self-created.
With exacting precision–our inner world–recreates our outer-world!
I know sometimes–when feeling “less-connected”–I forget this again–and then –at a later time–when feeling grounded/ and centred once again–can’t understand  how it could have been so difficult -“To  see the Truth clearly”–only a short time–before.
I’ll leave you with some words from the old Sufi–sage–“The Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh”—who told us “on the path”—THE SOCIETY WILL BE AGAINST YOU—LET IT BE–YOU NEED NOTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE.
Until next time—“Keep your feet on the ground—and keep the –Iguana in the Aquarium”.

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